Rosalie van Lantschoot, Belgium

"I went to California for 5 months. I just LOVED it! Everybody is so nice and friendly. The horses are really cool to work with and I learned a lot. I met a lot of awesome burgers, ugly country music, talking birds and DOEGS, but also a lot of crazy girls! I love all my girls and I miss them a lot. If you have the opportunity to go to California, you just have to do it. I can only say : don't touch the chocolate, it's disgusting. Go to the places where they sell fresh bread and you will be a happy person! And a last thing : don't ask for a bag in the grocery store, that's embarrassing."


Kim Jacobsen, Germany

"I finished school in Germany and wasn't sure about my plan for the next years! I knew that my English was not as good as I wanted it to be.. Through contacts I got Kari's number and met her with my mum in Hamburg where I live. 1 year later after I did different Jobs I started my way to California. To make new experiences, live in a new Country and work with horses! I'm riding horses sinve I'm 8 years old but this 4 month were the most intensive month with horses I ever had! I really enjoyed every sunny day! After a ride at 90-100° F a shower for the horses was the best! I've learned how to train and ride a young horse. That was especially for me a great part! Even when we had a hard day the way back home from the barn with all the palm trees and the sunset let me forgot how Long the day was! We had tons of fun every day! I found a new friend/host mummy/travel buddy. It was too short and I loved it so much!! I came back in summer 2016 for 2,5 weeks. Great vacation!!"



Nina Wuth, Austria

"Going to California was one of the best decisions of my life! I met so many amazing people and worked with great horses. I learned a lot and had so much fun working and living with the girls. I enjoyed all the sunny, sweaty days at the barn as well as the"cold winter" days. You can't even get homesick when you're living in such a beautiful place where the sun is shining almost every day and everybody is happy and friendly around you. And I finally lost my fear of birds after living together with Paco, the speaking macaw, even if it took me a while..."



Saskia Ochsner, Switzerland

"On my way to California I was scared about  not getting used to the new situation. But everything came quite differentely: My new roommates, Karen, the bird Paco, Phati and Mercedes were like a new family. It felt like home! At the beginning, the daily work was hard for me because of the insane temperatures and handling the tall dressage horses. But I really loved the work with the horses and the girls. At this huge barn, there was always a lot to do but I learned so much. So, you could never feel useless or bored. Last but not least California is such a beautiful state because there’s so much too see that my three months trip was obviously way too short… Altogether, it was the best time of my life!!"


Anna Haase, Germany

"I was lucky enough to have the chance to work with Kari, help her out at the barn, ride horses, join her at competition, watch her teach the clients and learn lifechanging lessons - not only in riding but in daily life! We coped so well at the barn - I never had the feeling that I was working for her but WITH her together! It was a pleasure to watch her ride the horses every day, to see how she treated them so individually, let them grow day by day and made them trust her blind was a lesson in itself for me! That's the base on which her success was build! I would always return to this unbelievably hot and sweaty place that I would call my second home! Thanks Kari!"



Frederike Fink, Germany

"My time at EEC has been a great experience! Working with Kari, Zoë, Meghan, the horses and their clients was an absolute pleasure and the everyday work tought me a lot. The work environment at the barn was always bussy but well organised and friendly. Kari made me feel at home from the first day on and was more like a good friend rather than a boss. We always managed to plan some fun activities even around a bussy schedule and Kari was the best host for all kinds of holidays. I loved staying in California and came back to Germany with highly improved English skills and some new dear friends."


Sandra Berenger, Germany

Hannah Sisoyev, USA
Meghan Plum, USA
Zoe Steele-Rand, USA