Macki Hamblin

Renoissance Ben, Holsteiner Gelding *2005

  • SJC-CDS Luciano Highpoint AA Champion 2016
  • Champion SJC First Level 2016
  • Reserve Champion SJC Second Level 2016
  • Champion AHHA Adult Amateur First Level 2016


Liz Kramer

Natalia's Nightlight, Olderburger Mare *2010

  • Champion RAAC South Novice Training Level 2016


Kathy Whitson

Adagio, Andalusian Gelding *1994

  • Reserve Champion Region 7 Freestyle 2nd Level Championship 2016
  • Reserve Champion IALHA Vintage Cup AA Second Level 2016
  • Reserve Champion RAAC South Elite Second Level 2015


Triin Ducharme

Washington, KWPN Gelding *2003

  • Reserve Champion RAAC South Novice Second Level 2016


Quinn Lancaster

Uganda, Holsteiner Mare*2004

  • Champion Training Level JR/YR Year End Awards (National) 2013
  • Champion Region 7 Junior Rider Training Level Championship 2013
  • Reserve Champion Region 7 Junior Rider First Level Championship 2013

Sarah and Katelyn Inferrera

Valentijn, KWPN Gelding and Suspended Animation, KWPN Mare

"I will be the first to admit it, two years ago when I went to Kari Ball at European Equestrian Concepts I had no idea how a dressage trainer was going to help me, a jumper, get around a course. Not only did she conquer the problems I was having with my mare, she completely changed my view of riding and how important the flat work is if you want to be successful going around the course. Jumping is a lot more than jumping jumps; if anything, I have learned that all jumping is is just flat work with obstacles in between. I went to Kari Ball in desperate need of a riding makeover, and boy did I get one. Flat work is not just as simple as walk, trot, and canter. It is about demanding respect and having a clear line of communication, which was something I clearly lacked with my mare. After a long couple of hard weeks of training we decided to tackle a show across the creek at the Oaks.  Shortly after our success at the Oaks, Kari started training my younger twin sisters, who like me, needed a serious Kari-makeover.  In the beginning, it was pretty scary. There was a lot of running around the ring, flipping of heads, breaking of steps, chipping of fences, and even some falling off. Now, not even two years later, Katelyn Inferrera riding my mare Suspended Animation and Sarah Inferrera riding Valentijn just wrapped up their final OCIEL show of the season and each found huge success. Through out the season each twin acquired a blue ribbon in the Junior Varsity Jumper Classic along with several other high placings in the division classes that went towards Palos Verdes High School’s overall points. Who would have thought a dressage trainer would have the two highest placing riders in the Junior Varsity Jumping Division? If you would have asked two years ago, I would have said, not a chance; however, with the short amount of time I have spent with Kari, I know now that she is unstoppable." Elyse Inferrera